All following questions are answered in detail on the website. This is a brief summary for these frequently asked questions.

Do I need a piano at home in order to sign up for lessons? Yes. You should practice daily for best results!

Do I need to practice? Absolutely! Music is a language and must be practiced daily for mastery.

What is your availability? Monday-Friday. I do not teach on weekends.

Do you make house calls? No.

Do you teach adults? No.

What are your rates? 30/$40, 45/$58, 60/$75

How does scheduling work? Do you offer make up lessons? Students are expected to sign up for a weekly spot, for example, Mondays at 4pm. Let’s say there are 5 Mondays in May, but you inform me in advance you’re only available for 3. We book those lessons and I then bill you for 3 lessons. I do not offer make up lessons as you have the flexibility to only book those lessons for which you are available. Illness and emergencies do not warrant make-ups.

What kind of piano do you teach on? I teach on two comparable studio uprights, a Kawai 48″, and a Yamaha YUS5, 52″ with MIDI capability.

Are recitals mandatory? This is a performing studio! We have two formal concerts and two informal “piano parties” each school year. Students are expected to perform at least once a year.

What about competitions? I agree with Bartok, competitions are for horses. Music is an art to performed and shared. I do not participate in Certificate of Merit.

What’s your methodology? Intervallic reading with a heavy emphasis on theory. I teach Classical and Rock. I can get you started playing Blues and Jazz, but ultimately you will want a Jazz piano teacher for serious study.