Piano Requirements and Financials

Piano Requirements

An acoustic piano is ideal but not always practical for city living. All students need a minimum of a full size, 88-key, weighted digital piano with music rack, damper pedal, and adjustable bench. The Yamaha P-115 is ideal for the beginning student or those who have space/noise issues with their apartment. If you already own an acoustic piano, please maintain it with twice annual tunings. If you want to buy a piano, I am more than happy to help!

Realistic Financial Expectations

Baby Grand: $10,000-75,000.00!!!

High end upright: $2,500-10,000.00

Low end upright: “Free”-$1,000, plus movers

Tunings: $300/year

Yamaha P-115 plus accoutrements: $1,000.00

Lesson slots: 30min/$40, 45min/$58, 60min/$75

Books/year: $30+

Metronome: $45

Annual Studio Fee: $100